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Urban Chaos 3 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Action - Adventure | 1 player


4 /5

The new millennium approaches. Turmoil, crime, and famine rule. Gangs, terrorists and violent cults lurk around every corner. As one of two cops, you must try and bring order to the city. D'arci is a young and cunning super-sleuth with unsurpassed reconnaissance and infiltration skills. As Special F...
Universe 2 Growing popularity
GermanEnglishFrenchItalianDownloadable game Adventure - Point&click | 1 player
You are Boris Verne, a normal guy who is been cast in a parallel universe because of your uncle's Virtual Dimension Inducer. There you'll have to find the fabled lost star as well as a way to defeat the Golden King... This is a classic old-style adventure game with a point&click interface. It uses t...
Ubik 1 0 Steady popularity
GermanEnglishFrenchDownloadable game Action - Adventure - Strategy | 1 player
Ubik is an Action game, developed and published by Cryo Interactive, which was released in Europe in 2000.
Until You Wake Up 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Adventure - Survival-horror | 1 player
Un homme se réveille dans une chambre étrange. Explorez, résoudre des énigmes et trouver un moyen de sortir !
Une Poupée Pleine aux As 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Point&click | 1 player
The Dame Was Loaded is a detective mystery adventure game reminiscent of private eye movies of the 1940's. The player controls detective Scott Anger, a Sam Spade type of character, who is hired by a mysterious woman to find her missing brother, Dan. What at first appears to be just another missing p...
Ultima - Warriors of Destiny 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Action - Adventure | 1 player
Ultima: Warriors of Destiny is a Role-Playing game, developed by Origin and published by FCI, Inc., which was released in 1993.
UFO - A Day in the Life 0 Steady popularity
JapaneseDownloadable game Adventure - Puzzle game | 1 player
UFO: A Day in the Life is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Lovedelic and published by ASCII Entertainment, which was released in Japan in 1999.

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