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Ultimate Fighting Championship 2 Growing popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Fighting - Sports | 1 player
The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the premier mixed martial arts event in the world. There are no flying chairs or unrealistic moves. Spectators expect and demand to see true-to-life combat. Now, the ultimate fighting event comes to the Dreamcast as the most realistic fighting game ever cr...
Uno 1 Decreasing popularity
GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianDutchDownloadable game Card game | 1 player
The best-selling card game comes alive with different card sets, new background themes and special cards found only on GameBoy and GameBoy Color! Play against friends with the dual-player mode or against twelve different computer opponents. Features: Fun background themes including Wild West, Space,...
Ultimate Paintball 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Action | 1 player


2 /5

Be careful when you wade into enemy territory or they will take you out of the game in ULTIMATE PAINTBALL. To win, you must capture the enemy's flag, and in order to accomplish this you will have drive deep into enemy territory and take out hoards of foot soldiers. Luckily, there are four different ...

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