PCWoodruff et le Schnibble d'Azimuth5 Download
Woodruff et le Schnibble d'Azimuth

Console : PC

Language : French

Genre : Adventure - Point&click

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1994

Developer : Coktel Vision

Publisher : Sierra Entertainment

Popularity : 2 Decreasing popularity

By TompouceGabriel :


5 /5

After a devastating atomic war, the world population was nearly annihilated, and the survivors had to hide deep underground. In the meantime, a peaceful race of human-like creatures, the boozooks, populated the Earth. After the humans ascended to the surface again, they started a bloody war against this race. The boozooks were mercilessly destroyed, their culture demolished, and in the end of the war they were enslaved by humans.

The vertical, economically self-sufficient city of Vlurxtrznbnaxl was erected, controlled by a corrupt leader known as BigWig, who oppressed population with heavy taxes and freedom restrictions. The genius Professor Azimuth, sympathetic to the cause of the boozooks, has discovered a mysterious object or entity known as the Schnibble, which apparently could bring peace and prosperity to the world. However, BigWig's henchmen kidnap the professor and even shoot a teddy bear that belongs to his little adopted half-boozook son Woodruff. Applying a device called Viblefrotzer to himself, Woodruff physically ages fifteen years, and feels strong enough to begin a search for his foster father and find a way to dethrone BigWig.

Woodruff is an adventure game with a cartoon-like appearance and many tricky puzzles, similar in art style and design to the Gobliiins series by the same creators. Unlike Gobliiins, this is a full-fledged adventure where the player character can move around freely, explore the large city, and interact with many characters. The interaction with the environment is done with a simple point-and-click system, without separate verb commands. The majority of the puzzles are inventory based; beside items, Woodruff can also use various spells (such as, for example, levitation) as well as ancient boozook formulae, which he has to learn and collect in order to advance in the game.
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User Feedback

Un excellent Point&Click si ce n'est le meilleur.

Edited by BigBoss95

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Le ‎19‎/‎08‎/‎2018 à 15:22, foaly a dit :

merci pour ce jeux et merci a edwar (youtube) pour la découverte

La même pour moi surtout que j'ai enfin pu voir qui est le créateur de Adibou 😛

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j'ai grandi avec et il est vraiment super, disponible également sur Abandonwear.fr J'adore !

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