PCWoodlands Alpha

Woodlands Alpha

Console : PC

Language : English

Genre : Creation - Survival

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2015

Developer : Winterlake Productions

Weekly games : 2 Growing popularity

By Amaelya :


1 /5

Woodlands is a first person survival-sandbox game! Hold on there! I know what you are thinking, "Oh just another Minecraft Remake". That is absolutely wrong. This game is based around a completely different mechanic, the game is based on realism. This means there are no zombies, skeletons, or giant spiders! They DON'T exist! Woodlands is a game with a goal to bring a new reality to a more realistic sandbox. Get ready to immerse yourself into a virtual reality where real life challenges put you skills to the test. Whether you?re freezing from hypothermia, or running from a Grizzly in the wild... it's entirely up to you.

Further information :

Alpha 1.0.2

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User Feedback

Le gameplay lent et sans interet, c'est le principe d'un survival coco, t'es occupé à survivre, pas à faire du toboggan.

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