Windows 3.xThe Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

Console : Windows 3.x

Language : English

Genre : Edutainment - Reflexion

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1995

Developer : Future Publishers SAL

Publisher : Future Publishers SAL

By RomStation :
This is the story of a wolf trying to outsmart 7 little goats. One day, their mother had to go and get them some food. The wolf tries to enter the house 3 different times. The first time, they found him out by his rough voice. The 2nd time, they found him out from his black paws. So, then the wolf went to the baker and the miller and put some white dough on his paws. The 3rd times, the goats opened the door. To find out what happened and how their mother saved them, you have to read the story. Explore the world of the Wolf and the Seven Little Goats and discover the Goats' house and the forest while enjoying the interactive activities throughout the exciting story. Controllable sound level with story-related sounds and voices. Coloring activities enhance learning. Mazes and puzzles sharpen developmental skills while child learns a new language. Alphabet, number recognition and counting, and shape recognition included.
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