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HackromWiiMario Kart Wii Deluxe

Mario Kart Wii Deluxe

Console : Wii

Language : EnglishSpanishFrenchJapanese

Genre : Action - Racing

Multiplayer : 4 players

Year : 2021

Developer : FJRoyet

Weekly games : 151 Steady popularity

By Tanuki78 :


5 /5

Mario Kart Wii Deluxe is a custom track distribution created by FJRoyet. It features all available retro tracks from SNES to Wii U/Mario Kart Tour in their original order. This also features retro tracks from other games and custom tracks that the author finds to be, to date, the best visually, giving a total of 544 tracks and 10 battle arenas. It also includes new features such as Fake Item Boxes that appear completely identical to regular item boxes, modified statistics of all vehicles and many more features to give a better gameplay experience.

Further information :

The game is divided into three editions so you can choose according to your taste:

- Blue Version: Original characters with new vehicles
- Red Version: Original characters with Mario Kart Tour skins
- Green Version: Custom characters like Sonic, Crash, Kamek or King Bob-omb

The three editions have different music and interface depending on their color, but are still consistent with each other and compatible with each other for online (crossplay). There are also different visual changes depending on the edition you use, like the colors of the minimap, the colors of the miniturbo/drift and the sound effects.

For more details, you can check their Discord server:

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User Feedback

Bonjour, je possède la version 6.0 bleue. J'ai noté un bug, les trophées et notes acquisent n'apparaisent pas lors  des choix de championnats suivants avec autant de championnats c'est dur de savoir où on en est XD. 

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Bonjour, c'est quoi la différence entre les version selon leur couleur ?



Ah la description était un peu caché, je vois que c'est écrit pardon

Edited by Whesko

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