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Super Mario Odyssey 64

Console : Nintendo 64

Language : English

Genre : Platformer

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2017

Developer : Kaze Emanuar

Popularity : 224 Decreasing popularity

Par JoJoPlatinum75 :


3 /5

Super Mario 64 Odyssey is a hack developped by Kaze Emanuar which was released in 2017.

Like the Nintendo Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey, here, you play as Mario who has the ability to turn into enemies and objects with is cap friend Cappy. But, the game takes place in the wonderful world of Super Mario 64.

Tips :


In Project64, click on "Options" and then "Settings" in the "Options" tab. Uncheck the "Hide advanced settings" check box. RDRAM size need to be 8.

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