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HackromSuper NintendoClassic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance

Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance

Console : Super Nintendo

Language : English

Genre : Action - Platformer

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 2014

Developer : Bandicoot

Weekly games : 1 Decreasing popularity

By TompouceGabriel :


4 /5

After being defeated in the last adventure Mario sealed the fragments of the magical crystals and sent them to Rosalina on her observatory so she can find some distant planet to dispatch it.
Meanwhile Bowser wants revenge for having his plans interrupted by Mario, so he reunites various villains from the mushroom kingdom lands and form a great alliance of evil to defeat Mario.

Further information :

Patch Note of the Definitive Edition.

-Removed a certain arrow that was confusing players about the secret exit in Piranha Groove Lake
-Changed the star block position in Pokeyhead Oasis, it was way too close to the end of the level.
-Fixed a bug in the first section of Wendy's Conveyor Castle where the came scrolls to a unused part of the level after the door.
-Fixed a bug with the red switch blocks in Night time bullets
-Changed the lineguide lines so the player can actually see them in Night time bullets
-Removed some blue switch blocks at hop hop donut hills, that were giving easily free lives.
-Reduced the dificulty of the second half in the second half of Bowser Jr's Fort#1
-Reduced dificulty in the tower of agony, it was nearly impossible without save states.
-Fixed the bug where the blue koopa get stuck in a wall after kicking a shell in Spooky switch house.
-Added arrows on ghost houses with secret exits to indicate that it has an alternate path to be found.
-Added "Definitive version" at the Title Screen.

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User Feedback

Les (+) :


- Une difficulté variée


- Les secrets bien cachés et amusants à chercher


- Les blocs de différentes couleurs dans un niveau dans un monde dans lequel qui faut chercher. (Du jamais vu!)


- Reconnaissances de certaines musiques qui provient d'autres jeux.


Les (-)


- Des vies partout .. D'un coup, on s'en lasse à force d'en avoir.


- Certains niveaux pour chercher une clé dans lequel il est sécurisé à 100% nous ait difficile d'accès...

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