PlaystationResident Evil 2 Download
Resident Evil 2

Console : Playstation

Language : English

Genre : Survival-horror

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1998

Developer : Capcom

Publisher : Capcom

Popularity : 7 Decreasing popularity

By Ludo7110 :


4 /5

Ready or not, the terror of Resident Evil 2 is here. In chapter one, the case of the disastrous T-virus outbreak--a mutagenic toxin designed for biological weapons--was eventually closed but the experiments were far from over. Control the destiny of Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield as their nightmare begins when a biotech terror runs rampant in Raccoon City. Relentless zombies and hideous monsters are all out for a taste of your blood. If the suspense doesn't kill you, something else will.

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