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PlaystationOsaka Naniwa Matenrow

Osaka Naniwa Matenrow

Console : Playstation

Language : Japanese

Genre : Simulation - Strategy

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1999

Developer : Ron Group

Publisher : Kid Genius

By Valek :
Osaka Naniwa Matenrow is a simulation game where cities are built on imaginary landfill sites. As sort of a mayor the player can construct numerous buildings based on Osaka, and build his own city.

The game features two modes:
- Normal Mode: Sort of a free mode, In this mode the player advance through the game after choosing the different gameplay options and he can build and design all the things and try to keep all in order.
- Scenario Mode: In this mode the game let the player to choose from 5 final scenarios and the player to pass those scenarios got to achieve all the goals that the game says.

In both modes the player can buy different kind of buildings (small houses, skyscraper, shops, etc.), build the roads, power stations, hospitals, etc. But he also got to take care of the city finances.

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