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PlaystationNightruth: Explanation of the Paranormal: 'Yami no Tobira'

Nightruth: Explanation of the Paranormal: 'Yami no Tobira'

Console : Playstation

Language : Japanese

Genre : Adventure - Visual novel

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1996

Developer : Lay-Up

Publisher : Sonnet

By Valek :
Nightruth - Explanation of the Paranormal - Yami no Tobira is an adventure game about a group of 5 young high school boys (2 boys and 3 girls) that investigates paranormal phenomena and got some strange powers (they can use magic when they need to).

The game begins when a young girl is walking in a street and she see how another girl dies of spontaneous combustion, she call the police and ambulance. The next day the game begins at 7:30 in the house of Sinya Izayoi when he wakes up and (depending of the player choice) he show what happened on the TV or read it on the newspaper, so he decide to talk about it with his friends and start investigating the paranormal phenomena that happens in their town.

The gameplay is about chosing different answers tht will lead to different game endings. The game features japanese voice acting and different game endings depending of the player choices during the game.

- Syunei Tokiwa (male) (16 years)
- Maria Mizunagi (female) (18 years)
- Sinya Izayoi (male) (18 years)
- Remika Kujyo (female) (17 years)
- Ai Himekawa (female) (15 years)

The second cd is the making of the game and features music, background, character profiles, artwork, and interviews with the actors that provide the game voice acting. The game comes with a bonus audio cd.

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