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PlaystationHyper 3D Pinball

Hyper 3D Pinball

Console : Playstation

Language : Japanese

Genre : Pinball

Multiplayer : 4 players

Year : 1997

Developer : NMS Software

Publisher : Virgin Interactive

Weekly games : 1 Decreasing popularity

By Tanuki78 :
Make like a giant from a cozy top-down view or get microscopic in a 3D earthquaking trip that sucks you in one end and shoots you out the other. Right down into a rocketing, head-rattlin' shotgun ride of pure screaming speed. Better learn the flipper mambo fast or it's game over. These balls and bumpers have got arcade smarts and they're not letting anything slide by without a fight. Hold on tight. This sensory freak-out's jumping with creepy graveyards, dark fantasy lands and rat-tat-tat gangsters in not four, not five, but six completely different table-shaking, electro-bumping, ramp-raging worlds!

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