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HackromGameboy AdvancePokémon Girls Hunter 2

Pokémon Girls Hunter 2

Console : Gameboy Advance

Language : English

Genre : Adult - RPG

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2020

Developer : fz15

Weekly games : 71 Growing popularity

By Frizrat :


5 /5

Firstly, This game is the R-18 Game. This one is the sequel of Pokemon Girls Hunter by fz15. You will have a new region, new events, more 50 different kinds of catchable girls, and 10 pokemorph girls. The catchable girls in Pokemon Girl Hunter and Pokemon Girl Hunter 2 are completely different.

The story is centered around Ankell, the one who sold Realm Island to Seda, the main character of Pokemon Girls Hunter. After Puela Region became a peaceful region again, Human Balls were discovered in Tiara Region this time, to make sure what happened in Puela happens again, Arkell decided to travel to Tiara to find out what really happened. She began to hunt for girls like how Seda did. Of course, trying to find out how Human Balls work in Tiara is not the only reason why she decided to start her journey, there's another more important reason for her to go to Tiara: She wants to find out who killed Zarla, her girlfriend who lost her life in Tiara many years ago.

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User Feedback

Suite directe du 1er et toujours aussi attirant ^^

Mais toujours autant de gore que le 1er, âmes sensibles faites attention.

Pour ceux qui souhaites voici le nombre de personnages important à capturer existant:
Il en existe 41 dont 9 Pokemorph ce coup-ci
Pour avoir  accès à notre nouvelle maison il en faut 36 


Si certaine le souhaitent je peux fournir la liste des emplacement pour ceux qui bloquent, car certains sont bien cachés ^^

Edited by Valmet

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