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FantradGameCubeZoids Vs. III

Zoids Vs. III

Console : GameCube

Language : English

Genre : Action

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 2004

Developer : Tomy Corporation

Publisher : Tomy Corporation

Weekly games : 1 Steady popularity

By GambierBae :
Released in September 2004, Zoids Vs. III looks and plays similarly to its predecessors, offering fast-paced robot action in wide-open battlefields. New to the series is the ability to perform sliding turns in battle and take to the sky outright and battle opponents in the air. Another upgrade is the ability to engage in four-player split-screen battles (as opposed to the predecessors' two-player versus modes), in configurations from 1 vs 3, 2 on 2 matches, and battle royale free-for-alls, with human players or CPU bots. Modes include Story Mode, Battle Mode, VS Mode, Zoids Fist Mode, and a Zoids Museum Mode. Furthermore, even more Zoids and pilots (including many from Fuzors, and Saga) were added, many of which must be unlocked.

Further information :

You need a folder named "GZVJDA" containing custom textures which contain some useful translations:

To enable the textures, open Dolphin and navigate to: Options->Graphics Settings-> Advanced, make sure 'Load Custom Textures' is ticked in the 'Utility' section. Place the folder 'GZVJDA' into /Dolphin Emulator/Load/Textures/, So it looks like this: /Dolphin Emulator/Load/Textures/GZVJDA

A huge thanks to Traceytrace for this translation.
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