GameBoyMystic Quest

Mystic Quest

Console : GameBoy

Language : French

Genre : Action - RPG

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1993

Developer : Squaresoft

Publisher : Squaresoft

Weekly games : 8 Decreasing popularity

By RomStation :


5 /5

In the Empire of Glaive, a gladiator-slave is forced to fight evil monsters controlled by the Dark Lord. But when his best friend is mortally wounded, he learns of a secret pendant which will give him great power. As the hero, you must battle your way out of the Dark Knight's castle and search through a dangerous world for the girl who has the pendant. But you discover she has been captured by the Dark Knight's men. To free her, you must find the legendary sword and fight off the Dark Knight's beasts and overlords through deserts, snowfields, lakes, forests, and caves. Are you ready for the adventure of your life?

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User Feedback

Je n'avais pas pris autant de plaisir à découvrir un jeu rétro depuis un bail !

Edited by BigBoss95

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Sortie sur Switch dans la Collection Of Mana, un véritable plaisir de redécouvrir un jeu aussi magnifique coté musique que coté histoire. Un peu difficile et facile de se perdre mais un véritable bijou ! Il est sortie en version remake sur Mobile mais que en Anglais, à quand une version remake Switch en Français ? Bref 5/5 !

Edited by BigBoss95

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