PC EngineMorita Shougi PC Download
Morita Shougi PC

Console : PC Engine

Language : Japanese

Genre : Board game

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 1991

Developer : Random House

Publisher : NEC

By Apharel :
Morita Shōgi PC is an adaptation of Shogi, a Japanese chess version. The game is very similar in concept to Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess (Shogi is the Japanese counterpart of the Chinese XiangQi) or Battle Chess. The player can play in special graphic mode where all figures are animated with various monsters like slimes, frogs, skeletons or minotaurs. During encounters fight animations are shown. The gameplay is generally identical to other Shogi games. The player controls various figures on a 9x9 board and tries to defeat an opponent. Each figure has its own rules for movement and attack.
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