PlaystationMega Man X4

Mega Man X4

Console : Playstation

Language : French

Genre : Action - Platformer

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1997

Developer : Capcom

Publisher : Capcom

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By TompouceGabriel :


5 /5

Mega Man X, the reploid leader of the 17th unit Maverick Hunters, and his best friend Zero have to stop a reploid rebellion. Each of them gets involved in a different way and you can play as either character through the parallel stories.

In the era 21XX a one Dr.Cain discoveres a mysterious capsule, this capsule was the tank that was containing the hope of the future. This hope was notment for the destiny which it has been given but chooses to do what it must for the sake of humanity and reploids alike, this hope is X.

Created by Dr. Thomas Light a brilliant scientist and mechanic. Dr.Light who most know him by created X over a 30 years ago in 20XX. He feared that X mayor may not follow his programming. Reason being Dr.Light also gave him the ability to think for himself, in other words will. He thought it was safestto contain him in hope that his abilities would be more useful and he couldlive a life of peace which Dr.Light intended for him. Alas if he chose to dis-obey he could be contained easier in the distant future if something happen togo wrong.

In 21XX he is discovered by Dr.Cain and released, He becomes a Maverick Hunter and is aqainted with his partner Zero. Who is somewhat similarto X in more ways then it appears. And so begins the Maverick riots which the two must stop for the sake of humanity and existence itself.


Most know him by the name X although his full ID is MEGA MAN X. Created by Dr.Light in 20XX he is now a Maverick Hunter in 21XX. His goal is to rid earthof the Maverick threat and bring peace to the world. He hates the fact that he must fight but also knows that he has to. Although he hates fighting and destruction he does not hold back under any circumstances if put in to a situation which would cost his own life. He will not hesitate to end your life, But he may try to talk you out of your foolish decision.

Zero is quite a mysterious figure, With no real past and an unclear future.He is the leader of the Maverick Hunters and X's closest friend. Zero is almost a direct opposite of X as far as personalities. He doesn't tell you what you are doing is wrong, he isn't the second chance type and does enjoy dueling for any means. While he used his plasma cannon in previous appearances he has decided to yield his saber with pride. His skill with his saber is more than impressive as he punishes those who oppose him.

The Limited Edition includes the game and a plastic model kit of Rockman X.

Further information :

Translation version 1.0

Thanks to Jericho and RyleFury for this translation.

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User Feedback

Excellent jeu. J'ai finis le jeu avec le personnage Megaman X.

Cependant dès que je lance avec le personnage Zero, à la 1ère cinématique sa bug :o. (il me mette chargement et ça charge dans le vide)

Je me suis dis que peut être la rom a été mal décompressée. Mais quand j'essaye avec

une rom issue du site coolrom j'ai aucun soucis.

Pourriez-vous vérifier le problème s'il vous plait ?

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Alors j'ai un problème en battant le premier boss Web Spider a la fin rien ne se passe et j'entend des voix anglaise/jap puis après plus rien l'écran de fin de niveau ne s'affiche pas je reste immobile dans la salle du boss. Est-ce qu'elle qu'un aurait une idée d'ou vient le soucis ? 

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