PlaystationJet Rider 2 Download
Jet Rider 2

Console : Playstation

Language : English

Genre : Racing

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 1998

Developer : SingleTrac

Publisher : SCEA

Par TompouceGabriel :
Jet Moto 2 (known as Jet Moto '98 in Japan) was released exclusively for the PlayStation video game console in 1997. The game became downloadable from the Playstation Network in January, 2008. The selectable amount of characters for this game was halved in comparison to the first game, with ten characters available at the beginning of the game and one unlockable character. Track amounts were greatly increased, however, with ten new tracks, and unlockable tracks from the original game. Tracks are more varied this time with each level containing a unique theme rather than the shared themes of the original game.

The courses range from earthquake-damaged cities, desert Canyons, ice-covered mountains, roller Coasters, and several others. The difficulty was higher in this game; the developers used gameplay recordings in place of fully developed racer AI, so most racers had a perfect run and any mistakes made by the player would result in a quick loss of top racing positions. Dual Analog Controllers were supported for the first time, but DualShock Controllers were not. The greatest hits version was labeled within the game as "Jet Moto 2: Championship Edition". All the original Jet Moto tracks were unlocked from the start, and ran at a faster speed than the original - albeit with only a maximum of four bikes on track at once instead of ten.

Jet Moto 2 has ten selectable characters split up evenly through five teams sponsored by name brands (Atlantic Technology, Jetski, Axiom, Mountain Dew, Dragon Optical).

Jet Moto 2 comes packed with ten tracks and a variety of characters to choose from. Players must make their way around tracks that include corkscrews, canyons, and a roller coaster in such races as "Full Season," "Custom Circuit," "Single Track," and "Practice." Gamers can race against a computer opponent or challenge a friend to split-screen multiplayer action.

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