GameBoyHugo 2

Hugo 2

Console : GameBoy

Language : English

Genre : Action - Platformer

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1997

Developer : Bit Managers

Publisher : Laguna Video Games

By Perichor :
Hugo 2 is a game based on a call-in TV series for kids. It includes five levels which are directly based on mini games from the TV show. The goal is always to both survive and collect as many money bags as possible. The amount of required bags to beat a level depends on the chosen difficulty level.

– Underwater snorkeling: Hugo camera is fixed behind Hugo's back and he has to dodge incoming obstacles. He also needs to regularly take new breath which is only possible if he stays in the middle of the screen.
– Snowboarding: Just like in the underwater level, Hugo has to dodge incoming obstacles; just on a snowboard.
– Forest: Hugo automatically moves from left to right and has to dodge obstacles by either jumping or ducking.
– Ice cave: Here Hugo moves over a bottomless pit. The only way to stay alive is to stand on pillars, but those randomly rise and fall. Hugo can move in four directions.
– The fifth level is unlocked after beating the other four.

The Game Boy Color version additionally has a training mode which allows to play the levels individually.

Further information :

Version 1.0
Translation by NikcDC.

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