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FangamePCDoom 64 EX

Doom 64 EX

Console : PC

Language : English

Genre : FPS

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2008

Developer : Kaiser

Weekly games : 23 Growing popularity

By TompouceGabriel :


4 /5

Doom 64 EX is a faithful recreation of the original game using the Doom source code as the base with the benefit from newer control methods like mouse look, high resolutions and color depth. In addition to that, Doom 64 EX will also feature mod support to allow users to create custom levels, textures and sprites. Doom 64 EX is also aimed to be 100% accurate to the original game as close as possible and offer some PC-specific features that can enhance the game.

Developed by Midway – San Diego, Doom 64 is a unofficial sequel to Doom II developed for the Nintendo 64 and was released in March ’97. Based on the Jaguar and Playstation code base, Doom 64 is considered the most technically advanced Doom game of its time. In addition to the completely revamped rendering engine, Doom 64 went through numerous changes and improvements from that of Doom II. No graphics or sounds from Doom II have been reused in Doom 64; instead, it features completely new sprites, textures, levels and sounds and features a completely different art style.

Further information :

Version 2.5

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User Feedback

Voilà un excellent portage qui est vachement mieux que la version originale, non seulement il y a plus d'options de contrôles et graphiques mais vous pouvez aussi créer vos propres maps ! J'espère que le jeu va avoir un meilleur serveur en ligne dans la prochaine version pour que je puisse jouer le mode co-op sans problème.

Edited by BigBoss95

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