Playstation PortableDai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen

Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen

Console : Playstation Portable

Language : Japanese

Genre : RPG - Strategy - Tactical

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2012

Developer : B.B.Studio

Publisher : Bandai Namco

Weekly games : 2 Growing popularity

By Ludo7110 :


5 /5

The game picks up where Hakai-hen left off with three prologue stages, concluding the initial Gundam 00, Code Geass, and Shin Getter Robo: Armageddon storylines. The first stage features the suppression of the Black Rebellion, the second stage features the Federation assault on Celestial Being and the Colony Gundams, and the final stage chronicles the Getter Team's and Team Dai-Gurren's encounter with Dr. Saotome and the Invaders.

The game then skips forward one year, shifting focus to new pilot Esther Elhas. With her Brasta Es, she joins a new war against the A-Laws, Britannia, Vajra, and other malicious factions

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Voila les codes action replay qui fonctionne correctement  avec le jeux.


_S ULJS-00460
_G Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen (Jap)
_C0 Max Money
_L 0x205F8AD0 0x05F5E0FF
_C0 Have All Parts
_L 0x805F8BFC 0x00380004
_L 0x00000063 0x00000000
_C0 Max PP
_L 0x4069FDB8 0x039A002B
_L 0x0001869F 0x00000000
_C0 Inf PP
_L 0x20168690 0x00601821
_C0 Inf SP
_L 0x20168414 0x00A02021
_C0 Inf EN and Inf Ammo [including MAP Ammo]
_L 0x2016BAC4 0x84820032
_L 0x2016BA48 0x86030000
_C0 Inf DX & GX Satellite Cannon [READY USE]
_L 0x0063A60D 0x00000002
_L 0x0063A611 0x00000001
_C0 Max SR Point
_L 0x005F8B88 0x00000063
_C0 Max Morale 999
_L 0x8069FDE6 0x039A0056
_L 0x100003E7 0x00000000
_C0 All Pilot Quick Level Up
_L 0x201988B4 0x00000000
_L 0x201988BC 0x001399C0
_C0 All Pilot Quick Level Up Max Exp
_L 0x8069FDE8 0x039A0056
_L 0x1000FB68 0x00000000
_C0 All Pilot Skills
_L 0x201631AC 0x50000004
_L 0x201631C8 0x50000005
_L 0x20163208 0x50000005
_L 0x20163220 0x10000004
_C0 4 Slots equip enable
_L 0x8046A273 0x030A0048
_L 0x00000004 0x00000000
_C0 INF Movement (Press Triangle Button)
_L 0xD0000002 0x10001000
_L 0x80661F58 0x00630068
_L 0x0000000C 0x00000000
_C0 Max Game Clear and Unlock Everything
_L 0x005F8B87 0x00000063
_L 0x005F8B8A 0x00000001
_L 0x205F8AD0 0x05F5E0FF
_L 0x805F8BFC 0x00380004
_L 0x00000063 0x00000000
_L 0x4069FDB8 0x039A002B
_L 0x0001869F 0x00000000
_L 0x005F8B88 0x00000063
_L 0x8069FDEA 0x039A0056
_L 0x1000270F 0x00000000
_L 0x80633E04 0x00150001
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_L 0x80633CC4 0x00330001
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_L 0x80633DE4 0x00120001
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_L 0x80633D44 0x00400001
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000
_L 0x80633DC4 0x000D0001
_L 0x000000FF 0x00000000

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