GameBoyBlock Kuzushi GB
Block Kuzushi GB

Console : GameBoy

Language : Japanese

Genre : Puzzle game

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1995

Developer : OeRSTED

Publisher : Pow

By Apharel :
Playing Block Kuzushi GB is not entirely unlike playing Arkanoid or Breakout or the numerous rip-offs of those games. As you can see, the game takes place with you controlling the paddle at the bottom. Using this, you are intended to deflect the white ball that will fly around. In doing so, you will prevent it from going off-screen - which will induce a loss of life - and also force it to hit the blocks at the top of the screen. By busting blocks, you will complete levels and earn points. Some special blocks have certain functions to them, such as the lettered ones which drop power-ups.
Game files
Block Kuzushi GB 2019/09/10 64.63KB

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