GameBoyBionic Battler

Bionic Battler

Console : GameBoy

Language : English

Genre : Action

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 1992

Developer : Copya System

Publisher : Electro Brain

Weekly games : 1 Growing popularity

By Apharel :
Bionic Battler is a battle game based on the old-fashioned game of "hide and seek". The player's character, fitted in one of two Bionic Battlesuits, must search through five Labyrinths of War to destroy the Bionic Battlebots hell-bent on crushing human existence. In each labyrinth, the player must seek and destroy a certain number of Battlebots to make it out alive. But be careful - even though the Battlesuits are equipped with the same abilities as the Battlebots themselves, they can only take so much punishment. Too many hits will mean the destruction of both the Battlesuit and life as we know it. The player, however, can team up with a buddy to save humankind.

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