PC Engine CDBakuretsu Hunter

Bakuretsu Hunter

Console : PC Engine CD

Language : Japanese

Genre : Other

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1994

Developer : Media Works

Publisher : Media Works

By Apharel :


5 /5

Duo Comic: Bakuretsu Hunter is a digital comic episode based on the manga and anime series Sorcerer Hunters by Satoru Akahori. The plot focuses on a group of heroes who protect humans from the tyranny of the powerful Sorcerers. The group is led by the young Carrot Glace, who is able to transform into a powerful beast when he is not trying to get dates with beautiful women.

The digital comic is accompanied by voice acting, music and sound effects. It is possible to change the color tint of the comic pages. Pages can be flipped automatically (with various speeds), or by pressing a button. There is no actual interaction, and no possibility to affect the story.

Further information :

Promotional disc designed to introduce the Bakuretsu Hunter manga.

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