GameBoyAsterix & Obelix
Asterix & Obelix

Console : GameBoy

Language : GermanFrench

Genre : Action - Platformer

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1995

Developer : Bit Managers

Publisher : Infogrames

Weekly games : 5 Growing popularity

By Apharel :


5 /5

Being the predecessor of Asterix and Obelix for SNES, this game features the same story as its later counterpart - however the level design was massively changed, doesn't offer a 2 player mode and level codes were added only for the GameBoy Color version.

To show Caesar the power and freedom of your village, you have to collect various trophies from all over Europe. To do this, you can select Asterix or Obelix and move them through various levels while beating up Roman soldiers, collecting coins and avoiding gaps or other obstacles. Various special levels like crossing the sea to Great Britain by boat (and beating up some Romans again) or freeing Rugby players captured by the Romans are scattered across the game and provide variety between the classical Jump 'n Run levels. Most levels additionally have a time limit to make things a bit harder, though the difficulty of the game can be adjusted.

There's an overall of four different countries, all of them based on comic books of the series (namely: Asterix in Britain, Asterix in Switzerland, Asterix at the Olympic Games, Asterix in Spain). At the end of each of these stages you have to contend in a contest typical for the country and also taken from the plot of the comics: In Britannia you take part in a rugby match, in Switzerland you have to blast safes, in Greece you take part in the Olympic games and in Spain you have to fight against (or run from) a bull - victory will get you the desired trophy!
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