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94 Super World Cup Soccer

Console : Master System

Language : Korean

Genre : Sports

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 1994

Developer : Open Corp

Publisher : Daou Infosys

Par Nanoman6666 :
94 Super World Cup Sccer is a Korean-made football (soccer) game. Despite its title, it does not accurately reflect the team roster of the 1994 World Cup: there is, for example, no Brazil among the 24 teams available for selection. There is also no possibility to actually play through the competition; players can only opt to participate in a single match (against each other or computer AI) or a series of penalty kicks. There are no individual player statistics, substitutions, or any other features beyond playing the match itself. Active team members are selected automatically, and the player can only pass, kick, or perform a tackle when playing in defense.

Retour utilisateur

Un duel de penaltys ou un match, c'est tout. On y joue une fois et puis c'est tout. Je n'ai pas remarqué de différences en fonction du choix d'équipe.

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