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Playstation 2007 : Bons Baisers de Russie

007 : Bons Baisers de Russie

Console : Playstation 2

Language : GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianDutchSwedish

Genre : Action

Multiplayer : 4 players

Year : 2005

Developer : Electronic Arts

Publisher : Electronic Arts

Weekly games : 3 Steady popularity

By Lawsama :


5 /5

Building on 007: Everything or Nothing's range of strengths, 007: From Russia with Love is based on the 1963 film starring Sean Connery as James Bond. He is sent to Istanbul to acquire the Russian decoder machine known as the Lektor from a (supposedly) defecting Russian agent by the name of Tatiana Romanova. However, the Russians have no knowledge of this plan because it is a trap for James Bond created by the criminal organization known as Octopus. It is up to James Bond to seize the device and confront the dangerous assassin Red Grant and the ruthless Rosa Klebb.

In most of the 18 missions, the player progresses through linear levels while shooting everything in sight. The player can lock onto an enemy at range and cycle between visible enemies, or focus in closer on a single enemy to make opportunistic targets appear, such as uncovered grenades or gaps in armor. Sometimes Bond can also use stealth or hand-to-hand combat, which are basically quick-time events where the player needs to press a displayed button in a limited time to dispatch a foe. Special tasks can be performed with gadgets, e.g. the laser watch or a small remote-controlled helicopter. This procedure gets spiced up with occasional driving or new jet pack sequences.

The player gets rewarded for certain actions with bonus points, e.g. succeeding in melee combat or searching containers. There are three different kinds of points that unlock different things: bonus content like making-of videos, bonus levels, and weapon upgrades. Every weapon and gadget can be upgraded in different areas, but only once.

Further information :

To run the game with the "PCSX2" emulator, activate the "EE timing hack" patch from the software's emulation settings.

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User Feedback

bonjour svp pouvez vous aranger le probleme le jeu se lance je chois la langue puis ya le generique et sa fige ... merci de regler sa  je vien de decouvrir votre super logiciel !!!!!!!!!!

Edited by TheDarkDrugs69

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vous avez a lire dans la page il dit quoi faire pour emulateu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bang sang...


sinon jai deja le jeu original sur ma ps2 il est moin bien que les autre 007 en mutijoueur c est dommage. le solo quand a lui est bien mais trop court aussi,les niveau bonus sont nul a chier contrairement au mission principale


a noter que dans le jeu original a pas de musique  en multijoueur ou mission bonus c est normal ca vien du jeu

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Bonjour, même en activant le "EE timing hack", cela se bloque durant la cinématique. Quelqu'un sait comment régler le problème s'il vous plaît ?

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